Reading and Writing

Published at Pure Slush!

Hi guys I know it’s been a while… I go through Β bursts of enthusiasm for the blog and then get busy with every day life. I will try to be better. I’ve just started a degree at University so it’s highly likely I will be even busier than normal. (Sorry!) I’m here today to let… Continue reading Published at Pure Slush!

Reading and Writing

Published at Every Day Fiction!

Hello my loves! As it turns out I’ve had quite an auspicious start to the New Year. I moved back to Sydney at the end of 2016 and to start the year off right I landed a new job and my first published piece in 2017 all in the same month! It’s a Science Fiction/Humour/Satire… Continue reading Published at Every Day Fiction!


Day 21 No Complaints Challenge – THE END

The end of The Challenge arrived in a blaze of glory and I felt the way those people in infomercials feel after they buy the weird vegetable slicer. But beyond the state of mild euphoria that I was in, there was also the immense feeling of pride and satisfaction. Knowing that I could complete a… Continue reading Day 21 No Complaints Challenge – THE END


Day 12 No Complaints Challenge: Resumed

I’m back! It’s much later than I had promised and hoped to be back to the Challenge but I’m here. My family left London almost 3 weeks ago and in that time I just couldn’t bring myself back to the challenge, I couldn’t snap myself out of this quick sandΒ I had fallen into and I… Continue reading Day 12 No Complaints Challenge: Resumed

Mini Adventures

Amsterdam: Love at First Sight, at Forever Sight

As promised I have finally gotten around to writing about our family trip to Amsterdam last week. (I’m actually at work but it’s a quiet afternoon so I’m sneaking some blogging in. Shhh) Visting Amsterdam feels like coming home for me. It’s one of those cities where I can see myself completely immersed in daily… Continue reading Amsterdam: Love at First Sight, at Forever Sight


Day 10 No Complaints Challenge

(This post is a few days late. Apologies ma chΓ©ries) Small failures. Today I had a minor setback with the no complaining thing… We are in gorgeous Amsterdam, my favourite city in Europe (and possibly the world) when the stress and pressure of overseas travel with your family kicked in as I knew it would.… Continue reading Day 10 No Complaints Challenge