A slightly over the top farewell letter

So today was a big day for me… not only was it my last day before I leave for America (hurrah!) but it was also my day at Creative Holidays! After 2 years I have accepted a new job at Contiki and will be starting as soon as I am back from my trip next month! Granted I will be in the same building but it was all very emotional over here… (by that I mean I was in the corner crying while everyone else tried to avoid eye contact with the crazy girl… ah good times)

So below I have included the farewell email that I sent to everybody at Creative Holidays, for those of you who missed out or for those who would just like to read it again. Enjoy.

To my lovely Creative Holidays family
And I say family because after nearly 2 years here that’s exactly what it feels like.

I will miss you all so dearly (from downstairs on level 1… please think of me)
I know it doesn’t seem so very dramatic because I’m only going down 1 level but to me it is extremely dramatic! (and not cos I’m a drama queen of any variety.. no siree…)
I don’t want you to be sad of my departure but to remember all the fun times we had. (and when I say this I am of course lying, I better see some tears!)

Whenever you hear random singing, I hope you think of me.

Whenever you hear loud noises and snorting laughter, I hope you think of me.

Whenever you hear a Stepbrothers movie quote, I hope you think of me.

Whenever you smell Pop Tarts, I hope you think of me. (you know who you are…Andrew…)

Whenever you need random trivia knowledge for no apparent reason, I hope you think of me. (or get off your tushes and come down to level 1 to visit me and ask me!)
And I don’t want to hear any of this nonsense that you guys are too busy to call me or visit me because even Obama found time to call Kevin Rudd, and you know that can’t have been a priority.

I sure hope that I still get invited to Creative Holidays outings because I will always feel like a part of the CH family.

Thank you to all my fellow res siblings, even though we sometimes pull each others hair and call each other booger faces and smelly heads, you have always been there to help or offer some friendly words and just be all around awesome.

Thank you to the Specialists, the older wiser cousins in the family, who were always there to answer to silly questions (lets be honest, we all know my questions were never silly) and to help me out of any precarious situations.

Thank you to the Team Leaders who were like the unconventional parents you never knew you needed, especially to Mara who always listened to my problems and was always there with reassuring words and never gave up on me. You were the best Team Leader and I hope you realise I will still be coming to bother you with my adolescent angst-filled dramas. (you cant get rid of me that easily you know)

Thank you to Darrin (the wise uncle) and the management team, I truly appreciate all the opportunities I was given during my time at Creative Holidays.

Special shout out and HUGE thank you goes to Melinda Budd that cool, funky aunt that always buys you presents and gives you the best advice. Thank you so much for always believing in me and sticking it out with me through all the various stages of Training, from Skillset to New Hire training, its been a battle but one that I would never want to change because its been one of my favourite parts of my job so thank you again for giving me the opportunity.

(Wow I really milked that family analogy huh?)

I wont make a huge fuss because I will be visiting you all pretty much every day because as Kelly Clarkson once said “my life would suck without you”.

So Auf Wiedersehen my lovely’s, and I say Auf Wiedersehen not because I like German ( I actually really don’t like German…except the food… Pork Knuckle… mmmm) but because it literally translates as “until we meet again” which seems much more fitting than goodbye, don’t you think?

P.S. Stay golden Pony Boy (you know who you are…)


One thought on “A slightly over the top farewell letter

  1. We’re going to have words about that nickname when you get back Missy..

    I look forward to hearing about your assault on ‘Murica!! Eat some bacon for me 😛

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