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What happens in Vegas…

Stays in Vegas… famous last words right?The Venetian

Grand Canyon


After spending 4 days in Vegas I have learnt that the saying is very much true for a lot of people. (not us, we’re good girls… Hi mum)

We have had the most incredible time though! From fine dining at the Bellagio, intense shopping at the Grand Canal shops in Venice, free entry and drinks at all the bars and clubs (that’s right FREE!) and having our minds blown with the incredible shows (um Cirque Du Soleil… you complete me) it has been better than we could ever have imagined.

We did so much in fact, that I will simply have to do my best at summarising our favourite parts. (Anyone who knows me knows of my inability so shorten anything… I’m sorry to lie to you like that. It won’t happen again.) Here is the best version of a summary that I can muster.

Starting at the South end of the strip are the incredible Luxor and Excalibur. Both have done an amazing job with their respective themes and we were thoroughly impressed. Luxor’s black pyramid is very imposing and pretty hard to miss and once you’re inside it is just as amazing. All high ceilings, sandstone and Egyptian relics as far as the eye can see. Excalibur isn’t quite as impressive on the inside but the exterior is great; very festive and regal, with high towers and turrets and even a moat.
Excalibur also has some great shows on offer which I urge anyone who’s visiting to check out. (Thunder from Down Under ladies? Eh? Eh? If your boyfriend is reading this then I am obviously joking. Wink wink.) We had the opportunity to see the Tournament of the Kings and it was well worth it. You get a 3 course dinner and the chance to watch attractive men (I think they call them knights?) riding horses, jousting and sword fighting. It was just an all-around great time really.

Next up we visited the New York New York Casino. It is one of my personal favourites. The casino is divided up based on different neighbourhoods in New York City. They have Greenwich Village, Times Square and even Coney Island, complete with an arcade and rollercoaster ride. The ride, aptly named, The Rollercoaster, was probably the best rollercoaster we have been on, ever! It also affords you incredible views of the strip from high above. (If you can open your eyes long enough to see that is) Another awesome part of the New York New York is the Coyote Ugly bar. If you’ve seen the movie then you will not be disappointed! (And if you haven’t then I suggest you go see it now! As soon as you’re finished reading this post of course…)
There’s a jukebox, bar tenders dancing on the bar and lots of interaction from the patrons. (Which is usually rewarded with free shots poured straight into your mouth… yes you heard right.) It is a must visit if you are in Vegas and we had a lot of fun.

We move along to the old classics the Bellagio and Caesar’s Palace. No visit to Vegas is complete without witnessing the glory of these two casinos. Nobody does classic elegance like the Bellagio. Marble as far as the eye can see and every new entryway has an amazing art instalment ceiling feature. The nightclubs look right out onto the lake and you get the spectacular Bellagio Fountain show every 15 minutes. Shopping is more of the window variety due to labels such as Prada and Gucci, but it is nonetheless, still very enjoyable. (Besides I like to pretend I can afford anything in the store. It’s all about your attitude as soon as you walk in. They don’t know I’m not filthy rich! It’s also very important to not start sweating, curse out loud or pass out when they tell you that the bag you’re interested in costs $2300 plus tax.). Also one of the highlights of our entire visit to Vegas was watching “O” by Cirque Du Soleil which is held at the Bellagio; a water show with acrobatics, contortionists, diving and more. There are not enough words to articulate the wonder of this amazing production! If you are going to Vegas then I implore you to see it! If you aren’t then you should go to Vegas just to see it! Trust me you will not be disappointed.
Now Caesar’s is equally as impressive but on an even larger scale. We spent most of our time while there at the Forum Shops; an impressive indoor shopping centre with marble fountains, artwork and statues, like replicas of the statue of David, just chilling casually in the hallways. (‘Sup Dave)
The rest of “the real” Caesar’s Palace continues this theme exquisitely with extensive use of marble and nice touches like renaissance frescoes on the ceiling. You’ll also be happy to know that it is in fact pager friendly if you have any business to attend to.

Moving further south along the strip we got to the Venetian, probably my favourite of all the themed casinos on the Strip. A stunning replica of Piazza San Marco and Saint Mark’s Basilica are the first things we saw as we approached. There is also an actual size replica of the Rialto Bridge which leads into the Casino and the Grand Canal Shops. As we entered the Grand Canal Shops we saw that the Canal does in fact continue to flow all the way through the shops! It was absolutely stunning! There are even trained gondoliers serenading travellers on exquisitely crafted gondolas. Everything is perfectly done… Vegas doesn’t mess around baby!

Finally, the casino where we stayed Paris Las Vegas. The Eiffel Tower stands soaring over the entrance and inside the casino too. We bought some tickets and went up to the 50th floor observation deck too for gorgeous views of the Strip. The rest of the resort keeps the Parisian theme going with gas lamp street lights and replica cobblestones throughout the casino.
It’s also located directly across from the Bellagio so we got to watch the fountains every night.


We also spent an incredible morning flying out to the Grand Canyon which was such an intense experience! We took a helicopter flight out to the West Rim and had breakfast right there! Tick that one off the bucket list!

I must also make a special mention of our visit to the Mob Museum in downtown Las Vegas. We got to view exhibits about how the mobsters first started out, their rise and the subsequent fall of many of them. There’s also an entire exhibit dedicated to the Mobs influence on Las Vegas. The museum includes real wiretap surveillance of the FBI surveillance tapes from back in the day. We actually had a lot of fun learning about the history of it all.

So after this long winded “summary” I think it’s safe to say that we had an incredible time. Vegas was so much better than we ever expected and as Elvis Presley once said: “Viva Las Vegas!”

Stay tuned for San Francisco lovelies! And check out my instagram for more photos @miss_norton!

Love – A

First night out in Vegas baby!vegas


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