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My love affair with Boston

Baaaaahstin. Beantown. The Athens of America. The Cradle of Liberty.
Call it what you will, Boston has many a nickname, but to me it will always be one of my favourite cities in America (If not my absolute favourite! Also locals don’t call it Beantown so maybe avoid doing that… You’re welcome.)
This gorgeous New England city definitely left me wishing I could have stayed longer and guaranteeing that I will return.


Boston has a little bit of everything for every kind of person. Whether you’re a sports nut, a history buff, a foodie or all of the above then you will LOVE Boston. And as if that’s not enough, Bostonians are super friendly and just all around nice, easy going people so it makes you fall in love with Boston all over again. There’s just something about Boston as a whole that left me with a really lasting impression of contentment. Aesthetically it leaves nothing to be desired really (it’s the Ryan Gosling of cities when it comes to the looks department) but it also gives so much more! (So much more than just a pretty face… also like Ryan Gosling… Gosh he’s amazing…)

For all the history nerds out there like myself (queue secret handshake) it is a veritable smorgasbord of information, starting with the Freedom Trail. This self-guided walking tour is first and foremost, FREE, and it’s very easy to complete in only a few short hours. It is marked by red bricks in the pavement and you just follow them to each stop along the Trail and at each stop you find out a little more information about the American Revolution, its key players and what part each specific site along the Freedom Trail played in the revolution. (Even I didn’t get lost so you know there’s hope for everyone now)
Even if you know nothing of American history it’s still a really nice walk through the city taking you to all the oldest and usually grandest buildings in the city and before you know it you’ve walked from Boston Common all the way to the Waterfront!

A notable stop along the Freedom Trail is Faneuil Hall and the Quincy Markets; just after the half way mark of the Freedom Trail it’s a great place to stop for lunch and some shopping. There is always some sort of live entertainment and the market place is filled with push cart vendors selling everything from food to souvenirs. We had the necessary shopping stop there and even peeked into the Cheers bar! (the bar from the TV shows Cheers for those of you who haven’t seen it in which case you haven’t seen good TV! Go watch it!)
Once we got to the end of the Freedom Trail and explored the Waterfront we wound our way back towards our hotel but went down Hanover Street and the “Little Italy” part of Boston. Head here for amazing Italian cuisine and cute boutiques. (yes MORE shopping… how DO we do it?? Takes a lot of talent really…)

Probably my favourite part of Boston is the area where our hotel was located which is the area known as Back Bay. It’s characterized by leafy, tree lined streets with amazing architecture everywhere you look. Its most notable feature would be all the converted brownstone houses that line the streets that now serve as shop fronts, restaurants, al fresco cafes and bars. You can find anything in these shops from antiques, big name designers to book shops and comic book stores and the architecture is so beautiful it makes you want to hug strangers. (or maybe that’s just their awesome Bostonian accents… I can’t be sure)

Newbury Street

Moving on to other awesome and historic places; Fenway Park! The home stadium to the Boston Red Sox (RED SOX NATION WHOOO!) but also the oldest historic baseball stadium in America. It celebrated 100 years last year and it’s so incredible to walk through the hallowed halls and hear all the stories about everything that has taken place here over the years. Home to the Boston Red Sox and famous players in baseball history like Ted Williams, Dom DiMaggio, Babe Ruth and Carl Yastrzemski, it was definitely one of our favourite tours in Boston.


That same day we got a chance to visit another famous historic place in Boston; Harvard University. A short subway ride across to neighboring town of Cambridge and we were right in Harvard Square! If it’s even possible, this place was even more quaint and picturesque and there are old colonial buildings as far as the eye can see. We did some book shopping at the famous Harvard Coop (rubbing shoulders with the great minds of America… and acting weird around them… all in a days work really)
Then we had a tour of the campus and some more awesome stories and anecdotes from Harvard’s creation to the present day. (Did you know Conan O’Brien is a Harvard Alumni and he used to write for Harvard’s comedy newspaper the Harvard Lampoon? I thought that was fascinating, the giant nerd that I am)
We bought the prerequisite Harvard sweatshirts and then took a break and just people watched in Harvard Yard – the perfect ending to an amazing visit to this stunning place.

I feel like there is just so much more that I could say about Boston but a picture speaks a thousand words so I’ve included a couple for you and the rest you will just have to go and see for yourself!

Stay tuned for the story of our road trip from Boston down to New York via the lovely and picturesque city of New Haven Connecticut.

Love – A


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