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Time for some beef jerky…

…And the prerequisite road trip! That’s right fancy people its time for stories of our drive down from Boston to New York with a stopover in the gorgeous city of New Haven Connecticut.

With high-pitched squeals of glee we collected our car. (That is the best way I can describe the noise that I produced that day upon seeing the type of car they gave us.) It was a red VW Beetle! Probably the cutest car ever made in the history of cars! The only way this car could possibly have been any better is if it spoke to us and was a Transformer.
So we named her Roxanne (Roxy for short), took some dorky photos with her and set off on our road trip!


We navigated our way out of Boston and onto the freeway where we paid our toll and then promptly took the first exit off the freeway. Yes we are geniuses. We repeated the process and this time we were on our way… for real. I promise.

After the initial hiccups of accidently exiting the freeway and also nearly driving into oncoming traffic a few times it was smooth sailing… for the most part. We had our driving mantra “long left, tight right” which we had to use a few times when forgetting which lane we were supposed to be in. (And when I say we used this mantra I mean we screamed it incomprehensibly as we dodged oncoming traffic.)
Luckily for me, Tijana was driving and as she is quite obviously the better driver of the two of us, so we made it to Connecticut in one piece.

I highly recommend including a road trip in your next visit to the US quite simply because the highways are amazingly organised and you get to see a whole other side of the country. We drove through a few little towns and they were really picturesque, especially as we were driving in the New England area of the States which is arguably the most picturesque part of the country. We also got to stop at Walmart for some quick gun shopping before arriving at our destination, New Haven Connecticut.

Now why Connecticut you may ask. Well after growing up watching Gilmore Girls for nearly 10 years we had developed an unnatural obsession with seeing Connecticut. (Yes I do realise that admitting this is social suicide.) Really though the architecture in Connecticut has always fascinated us, old colonial houses and buildings, a cute town square and of course the Ivy League University, Yale. (But mostly Gilmore Girls)
Upon arriving in New Haven it was just as charming and pretty as you imagine it to be. Colonial houses in various shades of white, blue, yellow and green and leafy, tree lined streets surrounded us. We did the typical Connecticut thing where we stayed in a quaint, old-timey BnB and absolutely loved it!
We had a tour of the Yale Campus which included the law building, the Gothic Sterling Memorial Library, Yale’s largest, and the Beinecke Rare Book and Manuscript Library. We had a chance to hear about the history of Yale and student life at Yale while also getting a chance to visit one of the many residential colleges. (That’s what they call dorm rooms at Yale… yea things are that fancy there)

It is by far one of the most stunning universities I have ever been to, constructed entirely in the Gothic style architecture, you just feel like you’ve been transported to architecture nirvana. Also if you’re into secret societies you may have heard about the Skull and Bones… only the elite of Yale are tapped to be members. Former members include both George W Bush Senior and George Bush Junior and Henry Luce, founder of Time Magazine and Sports Illustrated, among others.
Read up on it, it’s really interesting stuff! There are a lot of fictional references in TV and Movie to the Skull and Bones including 3 movies bearing the name. (Also Mr Burns in the Simpsons anyone??)

After a couple of days in New Haven, only a brief stop really, it was time to get back behind the wheel and haul our butts (along with our new suitcases full of shopping, oh that’s right we did a lot of shopping in some outlets that we found in Connecticut) down to the wonderful New York City!

Stay tuned for stories of our adventures in New York City!

Stay fabulous – A


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