Love Letters: To the Tradesmen Working Outside My Office Building…

…I wasn’t staring. I promise.

It just seems that every out of work or up-and-coming male model in Sydney have been hiding under the very clever guise of tradesmen working in the Bondi Junction area. I get it; you need day jobs after all right? But surely it shouldn’t be allowed for all of you to congregate in one area while working on step ladders where we unsuspecting passersby’s have perfect views of you from every possible angle?
I have no idea what you are fixing but based on how good you look whilst doing it I can pretty much guarantee that you are doing a good job of completing the task at hand.

It’s like the real life version of what a catalogue of “tradesmen” would look like if they were photoshopped and advertising work gear or something. I would never have a need for those work shorts or boots but I would buy them immediately if I was looking at these men in a catalogue.
Seriously this is the most sculpted, scruffy but in the most manly and perfect way possible, group of males that I have ever seen!

Photosopped Ryan

I on the other hand look like a dorky librarian who spends her days shushing people and knitting sweaters for my 12 cats.(I have no cats and am actually allergic to them but I’m going to have to get some now otherwise I will have let down my Lonely-Girl stereotype.) I would bow my head in embarrassment as I walk past but then I wouldn’t be able to shamelessly stare… Who are we kidding, I have no shame! Carpe Diem!

How are the rest of us plebeians meant to continue with our work day, how are we meant to live our lives, when there is this kind of magnificence mere meters away??
Off topic, but what is the socially acceptable length of time to spend standing on the sidewalk and pretending to be on the phone? No reason in particular, just wondering.
Anyway just let me know when you find out. I’ll be outside making a very important phone call and definitely not staring at anyone.


Image via


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