Close Encounters of the Awkward Kind

I often get referred to as a “funny girl” but not ha-ha funny but more along the lines of makes questionable life choices funny or gets into really awkward social situations type of funny. I always felt it was the universe constantly throwing me into these situations but I’ve come to realise that more likely than not, it’s entirely my own fault. It seems that I tend to speak and act before my brain has enough time to process the outcome so it usually results in embarrassment. Or at least it would be embarrassing if I had the social aptitude and filter in my brain to realise that what I’m doing isn’t normal. I like to call them my Close Encounters of the Awkward Kind. (Coincidently I think I’m going to make that the title of my memoir so if anyone reading this in interested in publishing it then please feel free to contact me.)

Here are some of my more awkward encounters to date (as documented by Facebook) in no particular order:

Laughing on the train

Quoting Disney

Running Late

Chewing Gum

Newlyweds Office Sprint

Internal monologues on trains

Elevator Rides

Walking into doors


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