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15 Daily Struggles When You’re Not A Morning Person

As seen on the front page of BuzzFeed!


When waking up is an epic inner struggle of Shakespearean proportions…
Who even invented mornings?


1. You set an alarm for 6:30am in an attempt to exercise because your night time self is optimistic, but your morning self is not impressed.


2. You then proceed to snooze until 8:15am when it’s already too late for everything you need to do.


3. You drag yourself out of bed, cursing your miserable existence…


4. And then you have a full-fledged existential crisis before you’ve even put pants on.


5. You frantically start trying to get ready for work but you have so much to do you are completely overwhelmed and just stand there staring at your wardrobe wasting even more time.


6. You try to overcompensate by drinking ludicrous amounts of coffee hoping it will help you instantly get your life together.

bill murray coffee

7. Your hair decides that it’s not going to cooperate today either and you start trying to talk it into submission.

New Girl - fringe

8. You now have no choice but to run to make it to work on time or risk the “you’re late again” talk from your boss which would completely crumble your already fragile psyche.


9. You get to work just on time but now you look like a deranged vagrant from all the sweat and running.

rape face

10. Your colleagues try talking to you and you just want to punch them in the face because morning people are the worst.

Go to hell

11. And you might even say a few rash things that you’ll later regret…

You're tacky and I hate you

12. When people ask you what’s wrong you respond like this:


13. Getting asked to do any extracurricular activities before work, like a team breakfast, unanimously get this response:


14. You consider alcoholism every morning, because in your weakened mental state it seems like a completely viable option to get you through this hellish ordeal


15. And going to bed is actually stressful because you know that in only a matter of hours you will be forced to go through this suffering all over again




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6 thoughts on “15 Daily Struggles When You’re Not A Morning Person

  1. I just wanted to point out that there is a morning person on here, sorry morning person I’m just envious. Wow, this was like looking in the bloody mirror! just add the wasted, precious seconds of time looking for the things I “know” and am “sure” and can actually “remember” putting back in their place yesterday but can’t find today Curse you thieving elves!
    Love this.

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