Mini Adventures

On Finding the Silver Lining

Early this morning I received a phone call from work telling me I was being moved to a different office for the day and having my shift changed. My initial reaction was annoyance but I quickly told myself that there is surely a way to turn this around and find a silver lining because I do not want to start my day with annoyance. Positivity Points to me!

It turns out I was being sent to a part of London that I adore, Clerkenwell. Here was my silver lining today, I could turn today into a mini adventure.

So on my lunch break, instead of just eating in the cafeteria, I grabbed my journal and ventured outside to explore. The sun was out in London today (not something to shrug at!) and I was walking along the gorgeous leafy streets of Clerkenwell. I made my way down Clerkenwell Road and then decided to turn down a laneway. It’s there that I found the  most gorgeous cafe, J&A cafe. Exposed brick, high ceilings, fairy lights and silky cappuccinos. I was in heaven.



I grabbed a cappuccino to go and kept exploring the area stumbling on many hidden treasures along the way like this building that I found by walking down a tiny, narrow passage.


Then I sat down on a bench in the sunshine to do some writing and reading.

Sometimes I think we forget that we should just slow down and enjoy our surroundings more and today that’s just what I did.

Anamarija xox


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