Mini Adventures

Mini Adventure: Soho and Covent Garden

While we brace ourselves for an onslaught of rain and cold weather this week (ah London summer…) I am still thinking back to the lovely weekend I had these past few days. It was a long weekend due to having the bank holiday Monday off as well! Hooray for long weekends! It was the perfect time for a bit of exploring and turning the weekend into a little adventure.

To start, I had the most amazing brunch with a friend at this gorgeous little cafe in London Fields. Manchego cheese, Tueruel ham and an exquisite latte. Divine!


After brunch we headed into central London for a day of exploring some of the places I had avoided by thinking they were too “touristy”. What’s so wrong with being a tourist anyway? I think the best way to rekindle your love for your city is to wander the streets and view things the way a tourist would, with wonder and admiration. So I decided I wanted to see all the winding streets of Soho, continue through Covent Garden and then end up in Leicester Square for a drink at TGI Fridays! (What can I say, I’m a sucker for an American chain restaurant.)

Some of the highlights includes:

The maze of streets and lane ways in and around Carnaby Street in the heart of Soho. Head there for al fresco dining, quirky shops and quaint old pubs.

Udderlicious Ice Cream on Earlham Street. Quite frankly the creamiest and tastiest ice cream I have had in all of London (maybe ever?!) The pistachio was perfection!

The Foyles flagship store on Charing Cross road. 5 floors of every kind of book imaginable while still somehow remaining cosy and personal. With a great cafe on the 5th floor for a pit stop tea or coffee between book shopping!
Carnaby Street

We ended the day with a taste of 1940’s Paris. While I wish I could time travel in the manner of Gil from ‘Midnight in Paris’, sadly I cannot, but I found a restaurant which made it feel like I had come close for a few magical hours. Brasserie Zedel just off Piccadilly Circus (I know I know don’t abandon me just yet) is a cavernous underground restaurant, decked out in gold, mirrors and marble, serving authentic French food at an extremely reasonable price. You will feel miles away from Piccadilly Circus I can promise you that. They had a pianist playing after 9pm and within the same underground complex there is Bar Americain serving fabulous cocktails and even a Jazz and Cabaret club (The Crazy Coqs) playing live Jazz music into the wee hours of the morning. I will definitely be going back to sample some of the Jazz on offer.

Brasserie Zedel

Until the next adventure,

Love, ice cream and French champagne cocktails

Anamarija xox


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