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On Summer Rain and Peanuts Comics

There is nothing so gloomy as London rain on the first day of summer.

Whenever I think of rain I involuntarily think of Peanuts comics. Charlie Brown, Snoopy and the gang, always seems to understand whatever mood I’m in and somehow that makes me feel happier about it.

It always rains....

The crazy thing is I used to love rain! The smell of fresh rain on the pavement, the sound of it hitting the roof and windows while I lay in bed and just listened… But I suppose after almost 2 years in London the rain is less a novelty and more a grey chore to survive. Maybe I’m just feeling blue because today is the 1st of June and I want sunshine in my life! After what’s been close to 8 months of solid winter I feel like we have all earned some respite from the rain. But because that wont be the case for us this week, instead I turn to Peanuts. So today I’m going to try taking Snoopy’s advice on what he would do on a rainy day and try to learn to love the rain again.


Staring out the window, drinking tea and listening to sad songs…

Dreary fall rain

There’s actually something deliciously self indulgent in letting yourself be sad, staring at the rain and listening to sad songs. It’s almost poetic…

(“Whispering our goodbyes
Waiting for a train
I was dancing with my baby
In the summer rain
I can hear him saying
Nothing will change
Come dancing with me baby
In the summer rain”)

(“Cocaine flame in my bloodstream
Sold my coat when I hit Spokane
Bought myself a hard pack of cigarettes
In the early morning rain
Lately my hands they don’t feel like mine
My eyes been stung with dust, I’m blind
Held you in my arms one time
Lost you just the same
I ain’t about to go straight
It’s too late”)


Writing (and being angry if I want to!) There’s nothing to stop me and no sunshine means I don’t feel bad about staying indoors to write.

Snoopy Writing


Not complaining.

(This is particularly hard for a sun-lover like myself but I am going to refrain today and enjoy my day despite the rain. Or maybe even because of the rain.)

Whimper but don't complain

Love, cashmere scarves and warm baths

Anamarija xox



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