Micro Pleasures

Micro Pleasure: Midweek Coffee Dates

Mostart Cafe

I love cosy, eclectic cafés. I love coffee with friends. And I especially love joining the two on a school night for a midweek mini break. I find few things as soul calming and palette cleansing from a rough week as coffee and great conversation with my favourite people. Wednesdays were made for leaving work and spending time with friends because nothing makes the week run smoother and faster afterwards.

We went to a new local café across the street from my house in Stoke Newington and sat outside in the warm evening sun. I had a cappuccino the size of my head (which is exactly the way I like it) and a walnut honey cake which I didn’t expect to enjoy as much as I did. We talked about travel and books and our favourite authors and our favourite films and how much we all hate weddings sometimes! We laughed (a lot) and made plans to dress up and have cocktails in 2 weeks. I highly recommend you do the same with your loved ones.

Love and giant coffee cups,

Anamarija xox


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