Mini Adventures

Amsterdam: Love at First Sight, at Forever Sight

As promised I have finally gotten around to writing about our family trip to Amsterdam last week. (I’m actually at work but it’s a quiet afternoon so I’m sneaking some blogging in. Shhh) Visting Amsterdam feels like coming home for me. It’s one of those cities where I can see myself completely immersed in daily… Continue reading Amsterdam: Love at First Sight, at Forever Sight


Day 10 No Complaints Challenge

(This post is a few days late. Apologies ma chéries) Small failures. Today I had a minor setback with the no complaining thing… We are in gorgeous Amsterdam, my favourite city in Europe (and possibly the world) when the stress and pressure of overseas travel with your family kicked in as I knew it would.… Continue reading Day 10 No Complaints Challenge


Day 5 No Complaints Challange

I am not sore, I am not sore, I am not sore. BIG smile! That is my new mantra as I enter the second day after an intense workout. Most gym goers know this as painful period where all your muscles are screaming and cursing your existence. Getting through the workout without complaining wasn’t so… Continue reading Day 5 No Complaints Challange


Day 2 and Day 3 No Complaints Challange

Day 3 and I’m going strong! Not without a few minor hiccups of course because if anything can go wrong ever it will be now for sure but its a good test of character and will power if I can just remain calm and not let it get to me. It’s only 3 days in… Continue reading Day 2 and Day 3 No Complaints Challange


21 Day No Complaints Challenge

Could you go an entire 21 days without complaining or vocalising a single negative thought? Well that is what I am about to attempt. I have compeleted this challenge twice before, several years ago now, after reading an article about a book that focuses on how word choice determines thought choice, which determines emotions and actions.… Continue reading 21 Day No Complaints Challenge