21 Day No Complaints Challenge

Could you go an entire 21 days without complaining or vocalising a single negative thought?

hapy thoughts

Well that is what I am about to attempt. I have compeleted this challenge twice before, several years ago now, after reading an article about a book that focuses on how word choice determines thought choice, which determines emotions and actions. It’s not enough to just decide to stop using certain words, it requires conditioning. Both previous times I remember how accomplished I finally felt when it started becoming second nature to think the good things and shun the bad ones. It wasn’t easy but worth it, like all good things in life I suppose. When I think about what I want most in the world I can honestly say I really just want to be happy, genuinely happy every day, and complaining about things I can’t change won’t help me.

peanuts happy

So I envision a lot of tears and frustration ahead but the rule is I cannot vocalise it! For those of you who actually speak to me, see me on a regular basis or live with me, my best friends, my work mates or my family, it is incumbant upon you to enforce the no whinging policy I am invoking. If you hear or see me make any negative comments or complaints, or I threaten to quit, you are allowed to do 1 of the following things:

  • Slap or punch me (anywhere but the face!)
  •  Pinch me super hard
  • Post an unflattering/embarassing photo that you own of me
  • Guilt me on your social media with declarations of failure
  • Appeal to my insanely competative side by listing names of people that could easily complete the challenge

Cannot Give Up

So Day 1 is upon us, and by us I obviously mean me. So far so good but it is only 11am so I shan’t get too cocky. The universe is smiling on me today though because it granted me a sunny day! Hopefully I can keep the good momentum going so I’m off to get a caffeine fix now because there are a few emails in my inbox that are testing my patience…

Stay tuned for what I’m sure will be an interesting 3 weeks ahead!

Love, sunshine and iced lattes

Anamarija xox


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