Day 2 and Day 3 No Complaints Challange

Day 3 and I’m going strong! Not without a few minor hiccups of course because if anything can go wrong ever it will be now for sure but its a good test of character and will power if I can just remain calm and not let it get to me. It’s only 3 days in and I have already found a loophole in the system! If I need to describe something that could be construed as negative I am not complaining I am simply stating the facts. Yes in the most factual way possible I am just telling you what has happened so it cannot be called complaining or cheating ok??

I have though, made a conscious effort to not vocalise any negative thought unless I can follow them up with a solution.

Day 2 was yesterday and it coincided with record high levels of pollen in London.

hayfever is coming

My eyes

I can’t properly describe to you how badly I suffer from hay fever without sounding like I’m complaining but it was rough to say the least. Itchy, watery eyes, puffy face… At one point I was sure my throat was about to close up but I kept it together and just tried to find a solution. (Trying really hard to overdose on antihistamines.) It might not have been amazingly productive but I feel a habit forming already. If I feel something negative bubbling inside me I am learning to just take a deep breathe, count a few beats and then figure out the best way to fix it without having to vocalise any frustration.

Day 3 began with a rush to get ready because it is hair washing day. I have resolved to never allow myself to be in such a rush due to my hair needing to be washed. I shall not let dirty hair dictate my life! I will be organised! Also had a minor issue with the buses being in an absolute grid lock for most of my drive into work causing me to be late but it’s totally fine. I’m fine.

I'm fine

Basically my plan of attack at the moment is season 10 Ross from Friends. Everything is fine. Even if it’s not it doesn’t matter because I’m fine. Totally.

Totally fine

Really though it actually hasn’t been too bad so far, all things considering. And on a very serious note today is THE day. Yes, the first workout session. Normally I bitch and moan (and mildly cry) my whole way through a workout until I reach the end. Yes I feel amazing afterwards but that doesn’t make it any easier during the event. Also let us not forget theday after workout pangs of distress. My muscles will be crying but I WONT BE! Why? Because I’m totally fine.

(This should not be confused with denial. It is simply a lie I am telling my brain until it believes that we are fine and stops trying to ruin my life with its melodrama. It’s conditioning. A mental workout if you will.)

Happy thoughts guys!

Anamarija xo


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