Day 5 No Complaints Challange

I am not sore, I am not sore, I am not sore. BIG smile!

That is my new mantra as I enter the second day after an intense workout. Most gym goers know this as painful period where all your muscles are screaming and cursing your existence. Getting through the workout without complaining wasn’t so hard since I was mostly out of breath anyway, but while I struggle to hobble up and down stairs at work, this period of healing afterwards has proven to be the real challenge at not complaining. I have had to bite my tongue a couple of times today when I started a sentence with the intention of complaining about how sore I am while trying to get out of my chair. It’s funny how naturally it comes to us to just whinge about something and how so many of our natural conversation starters are a complaint. It doesn’t even require any actual thought, we just blurt it out. So now I find myself thinking about what I want to say before I say it which is always a good thing.

And while that is an obstacle I am able to overcome without much complaining due to the fact that I know it is ultimately helping me achieve my fitness goals, there is one encounter I had not foreseen before entering my 21 day no complaints challenge…

The love-hate relationship while watching your favourite show that also makes you want to rip your hair out while you watch! Yes I am talking about the arrival of the new season of Pretty Little Liars. Season 7 has started and I am not ready…


I know that we’ve all had that moment when you just want to fling your remote at the TV and scream ” WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!” when one of your beloved characters does something stupid. Like Aria making yet another really obvious statement at the worst possible time. Or the fact that this whole Spencer and Caleb debacle is still going on! Or Emily yet again falling for someone who paid her 5 minutes of attention. Or the girls deciding that they should let one of them go to some creepy location to follow a clue ALONE yet again! Its been 7 seasons you guys come on!

You see there are so many ways to raise my blood pressure while watching this show that I love, but also sort of lowkeye hate, but because I am not allowed to complain about it I mostly just made lots of exasperated noises and kept saying ” Why, why, WHY?”. It was a real test on staying calm which is more than half the battle when it comes to not complaining. At the end of the day I just had to remind myself that I actually really do love this show and the pain is worth the gain. (Just like exercising!)

In other much more exciting news, my family arrives tonight from Sydney! My parents and my little brother will be landing in London tonight and we will finally be reunited after more than 18 months apart. The only person missing is my sister who unfortunately couldn’t make it this year so I’m sending her lots of love from this side of the world. Miss you sissy!

Lots of adventures ahead for the next 2 weeks, being a tourist in London with my family and a trip to Amsterdam too (my favourite city in Europe). Plenty of opportunities to test out my new steely will power and power of not complaining.

Lots of love,

Anamarija xox


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