Day 10 No Complaints Challenge

(This post is a few days late. Apologies ma chéries)

Small failures.

Today I had a minor setback with the no complaining thing…

We are in gorgeous Amsterdam, my favourite city in Europe (and possibly the world) when the stress and pressure of overseas travel with your family kicked in as I knew it would.


Endless delays, frustrating queues and people in our way (not complaining here, just stating the facts now!) took its toll, as did trying to keep all 4 of us happy in where we eat, what we do today etc.

And I snapped. I make a frustrated remark, I snapped at my dad who was getting on my case and I just altogether didn’t handle the situation my “no complaining, put together” self should be at this point in the challenge.

If I can take a positive from this small failure is to not actually look at it as a failure. Yes I broke a really great no complaining streak but what I also did is acknowledge it and change the attitude right away. I tried to make it better. I didn’t let myself stew as I normally might, or at least not for as long as I usually would.

I see this as definite progress coming out of the challenge and that’s all any of us can hope for really. Progress. Possibilities.

Tomorrow is a new day.

Also I had the most fantastic time in Amsterdam with my family! Shopping and sightseeing, culture and food and especially time with my baby bro. I have a separate blog post coming about that.

And now a small announcement.
In lieu of how busy I have been with my family, not being able to focus on writing my blog posts and breaking my no complaining streak a week into the challenge, I am going to take a break at this point here until my family leave next week and then pick up the challenge again once they are gone. I want to be able to focus on myself more and be able to write my posts more consistently while completing the challenge. I just feel guilty sneaking off to write blog posts when my family are only here for 2 weeks and I wont see them again until the end of the year. So stay tuned for more on the challenge next week. (and a post about Amsterdam sooner I hope!)


Love, waffles and Dutch cheese.

Anamarija xox


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