Day 17 No Complaints Challenge

I have been on a glorious holiday to the a South of France the past 2 weeks and am slowly planning my move back home to Sydney only 2 months away now so I’ve let the blog suffer. I finished the No Complaints challenge a little while ago but I have 2 posts ready that should have been posted weeks ago so here is one of them.

Day 17. Seventeen days.

17 days isn’t a very long time. But also 17 days is SUCH a long time.

Anyone who has ever given up sugar or smoking or complaining can attest to how long almost 3 weeks can feel when giving up something that basically fuels your will to live.

I read somewhere that it takes 21 days to make a habit and to break a habit. I can do most anything for just 21 days right? It has been this knowledge alone that’s has gotten me through 5am alarms to go running and now it’s helping me get through days without spouting off the first thing that pops into my head.

Mostly I’m enjoying the challenge but there are certain times where I feel rage bubbling inside me like a cauldron of nastiness and I really wish I could just scratch that itch. I know it would feel amazing in the moment, after all what are we millennials if not a generation of instant gratification, but I am learning the severely underrated virtue of patience and that’s something I can apply to far more than just my speech.

So as I crest the hill at the end of this challenge I’m feeling good.

Stay tuned for the final (belated) instalment of the challenge and more great news about the coming few weeks! Exciting changed ahead!

Anamarija xox


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