Day 21 No Complaints Challenge – THE END

The end of The Challenge arrived in a blaze of glory and I felt the way those people in infomercials feel after they buy the weird vegetable slicer.

But beyond the state of mild euphoria that I was in, there was also the immense feeling of pride and satisfaction. Knowing that I could complete a challenge where I had to seriously change my natural responses and even my thinking is a huge accomplishment. Now while the end goal is that through this challenge I will have altered the way I think and react to things I think it helped me realise that, like with everything else in life, moderation is key. Yes I would love to be the kind of person who NEVER complains about anything but I really don’t think that is a realistic goal to have. (Also who are these people? I’ve never met one!)

The way I have now learnt to look at things is, if there is something I can do about the situation then I don’t need to complain about it, I can just change it. On the flip side, if there isn’t much I can do about the issue then I have full rights to complain about it and vent my frustrations as long as I can then let it go and out of my system. Constructive Complaining is a term I want to trademark because I do believe that sometimes we just need to rant to the nearest person to feel ok again.

So with those sage words out of the way, here is the emotional process of completing the 21 Day No Complaints Challenge in GIFS:


Pep talks were given.


Image result for may the force be with you gif


The first few days actually felt easy.

Image result for shoulder dusting GIFS


Until the severity of the situation sunk in.

Image result for oh shit gifs


I felt the pressure every time a conversation began and people knew I wanted to participate.

Image result for miss jay alexander gif


But eventually I learned how to stop people from involving me in the rants.

Image result for captain america son just dont gif


And soon the end of the challenge drew nearer.

Image result for excited gifs


Until the day of celebration had arrived.

Image result for excited gifs

15 Things That Happen When You Are Addicted To Coffee

Image result for excited gifs

The End.


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