Reading and Writing

Published at Pure Slush!

Hi guys

I know it’s been a while… I go through  bursts of enthusiasm for the blog and then get busy with every day life. I will try to be better. I’ve just started a degree at University so it’s highly likely I will be even busier than normal. (Sorry!)

I’m here today to let you know that while I may have been neglecting the  blog I have not neglected my creative writing and I’ve had a second short story published this year!

This time it’s at Pure Slush, where I have been published once before many moons ago. My short story is called Waiting Room and it’s part of an anthology titled Inane Pure Slush Vol. 14.

To read the story you would need to purchase the whole anthology but you get 57 works of flash fiction including mine. I have read them and they are fantastic! You can get it as a hard copy or an e-book as well. (The e-book costs less than 2 cups of coffee!)

Here’s a link for you with a taste of Inane:

Happy reading!

So much love
Anamarija  xox


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